Awards and Recognition

AMG Leadership Award

Each year, a call will go out to all AMG members soliciting nominations for the AMG Leadership Award.  Any AMG member can nominate any AMG manager, not only those who are on the steering committee. To qualify the nominee must have at least two years participation in the AMG.  The award is given as recognition of the individual’s significant influence or demonstrated contribution toward forwarding the goals of the AMG. 

Nominators should provide at least two specific examples of nominee’s achievement by indicating demonstrated leadership skills.  Leadership contribution can consist of:

  • Significant commitment to forwarding AMG goals
  • Outstanding leadership quality on specific project(s)
  • Encouraging continuing education and professional development of academic managers
  • Demonstrating high levels of emotional intelligence (ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions)
  • Good citizenship as demonstrated by collegiality and service
  • Fostering effective teamwork and camaraderie
  • Promoting AMG visibility and/or civic responsibility.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive however nominator must provide at least two specific examples of leadership contribution in order to ensure that the selection committee has a substantive and detailed understanding of nominee’s contribution. 

Past AMG Leadership Award winners:

  • Karen Gonzalez (2021)
  • Kris McDonald (2021)
  • Nancy Everett (2019)
  • Nancy C. Blaustein (2018)
  • Jennifer Widdis (2017)
  • Cecilia York (2016)
  • Janet Gruschow (2015)
  • Maureen Killeen (2014)
  • Lisa Scalice (2013)
  • Jennifer Poacelli (2012)
  • Susan Lehre (2011)
  • Anita Kline (2010)
  • Karen Mink (2009)
  • Stephanie Greene (2008)
  • Kathleen Applegate (2007)
  • Cass Garner (2006)
  • Anna Faiola (2005) 
  • Kathy DiMeglio (2004)
  • Marilyn Ham and Judith Hanson (2003)
  • Carol Zanca (2002)
  • Bernie VanUiter (2001)
  • Barbara Gershen (2000)
  • Judith Ferszt (1999)
  • Scott Kenney (1998)
  • Dale Grieb (1997)
  • Beth Harrison (1996)
  • Alice Lustig (1995)

President's Achievement Award

The President’s Achievement Award (PAA) recognizes outstanding staff members for their exceptional dedication, outstanding contributions, and exemplary service. The PAA represents the highest level of recognition for employees on the support and administrative staffs. Award recipients are recognized by the president at the annual Service Recognition Luncheon when they receive a $2,500 monetary award and framed certificate of achievement. More information can be found here.

PAA Recipients:

  • Kate Braunstein, 2023
  • Ma. Florevel (Floe) Fusin-Wischusen, 2023
  • Connie Brown, 2020
  • Maureen Killeen, 2016
  • Maria Papadakis, 2016
  • Kathleen Applegate, 2014

Donald Griffin ’23 Management Award

The Donald Griffin ’23 Management Award offers an annual opportunity for professional development for managers and administrators whose experience and current responsibilities indicate potential for leadership or the expansion of leadership skills and continuing contribution to the University. Two $2,500 grants are awarded annually to an employee in administrative grades one through five and administrative grades six through ten to enable the individuals to participate in professional activities that can result in new insights and perspectives, renewed motivation, or enhanced skills which can be applied to his or her current responsibilities. Additional information can be found here.


Ma. Florevel (Floe) Fusin-Wischusen, PICSciE, 2018
Femke de Ruyter, 2019