Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes twelve academic managers, elected by the members of the larger AMG for a three-year term, and ex officio members from the offices of the Provost, Dean of the Faculty, Dean of the College, Human Resources, Treasurer, Information Technology, Research and Project Administration and Executive Vice President. All University divisions, the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, engineering sciences, and programs/institutes/centers, are represented on the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee prepares the yearly agenda for AMG meetings based on input from the larger AMG and associated departments; reports on the progress of ad hoc committees at AMG Steering Committee meetings; reports on the status and expenditures of the AMG budget; and prepares and distributes minutes of the Steering and Ad hoc Committee meetings and AMG general meetings.

The Steering Committee selects a chair and/or co-chairs, associate chair, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, treasurer, website coordinator and archivist, mentoring coordinator(s), as well as other reps to liaise as necessary with central office projects. These functions are reassigned annually.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees will be formed as needed for special projects and can include members from the Steering Committee, as well as members from the AMG at large. There is currently an ad hoc committee for the Academic Management Tool (AMT).  The committee is working with colleagues in OIT to determine future enhancements and adjustments needed for AMT.