Steering Committee

The Academic Managers’ Group (AMG) Steering Committee includes academic managers representing most University departments, centers, programs, and institutes. To foster and facilitate communication between the larger membership and central administration, ex-officios from the offices of the Provost, Dean of the Faculty, Dean of the College, Human Resources, Executive Vice President, Information Technology, Research and Project Administration, and Finance & Treasury are invited to the AMG general meetings and select Steering Committee meetings.

2023-2024 Members

Committee Members Role(s)
Susan Duncan Co-Chair
Jessica Roethel Co-Chair
Kate Braunstein Corresponding Secretary
Nancy Everett Recording Secretary; Volunteer Coordinator
Joe Capizzi Associate Chair and Scheduler; Award Coordinator
Caasi Love Treasurer
Mona Villa-Sgobbo Archivist and Web Coordinator; AMT ad hoc
Karen Chirik OIT Representative; AMT ad hoc
Christina Lipsky OIT Representative  
Charlene Borsack Mentoring Coordinator
Marie Basso Mentoring Coordinator
Jacqueline Appleby Newsletter

2023-2024 Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

Please note that Steering Committee Meetings are not open to the general AMG membership:

Steering Committee Meetings without ex-officios (in-person): 

September 26th – 12-1pm

February 14th – 12-1pm

May 8th – 12-1pm

Steering Committee Meetings with ex-officios (In-person):

November 6th – 12-1pm

January 30th – 12-1pm

April 19th – 12-1pm