Roles of AMG Officers


The Chair/Co-Chair(s) facilitates AMG Steering Committee meetings and hosts general AMG meetings; plans, sets, and distributes meeting agendas; is responsible for representing the needs and interests of all AMG members. The Chair/Co-Chair(s) is responsible for disseminating feedback or communications from higher administration to the general membership, solicits input on key issues from membership and passes them on to the higher administration. Coordinates and oversees all AMG Steer officers. The Chair/Co-Chair(s), with input from the Steering Committee, revises as necessary the group’s core information packet and maintains updated, original copies of the AMG’s mission statement, bylaws, and guidelines.

Associate Chair & Scheduler

Assists Chair/Co-Chairs in planning and preparing for AMG Steer meetings, general meetings, and meetings with members of the administration. Conducts meetings in Chair/Co-Chairs’ absence. In September, the Scheduler sets up the annual AMG general and Steer meeting schedule and notifies members of the Steering Committee, general membership, and the ex officio members of the schedule. Th Associate Chair and Scheduler also schedules the AMG Steer retreat, Steering Committee training, and any extra Steering Committee meetings that may be necessary. The Scheduler is responsible for logistics: identifies venues, reserves rooms, orders food if appropriate, and makes arrangements with Building and Media Services if required

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary maintains the AMG e-mail lists. E-mail liaison between non-AMG offices and AMG members. E-mail lists should be updated as needed as well as annually. Corresponding Secretary may distribute information to AMG members from central administrative offices. Also maintains the official membership list.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary is responsible for ensuring that minutes of the AMG Steering Committee and general meetings are taken. The goal is to send the minutes to members of the Steer for review by e-mail within a week of the meeting. Steering Committee members will return any comments or corrections within three days. The Recording Secretary incorporates corrections/comments, etc. and resubmits minutes to AMG Steer for approval by e-mail. Anyone not responding within three days will be considered to have voted for approval. Approved minutes are sent to the Web Coordinator for inclusion on the AMG SharePoint. Membership is notified by e-mail when they are available online. Minutes are distributed to ex officio members by e-mail.


The Treasurer will meet with the Chair/Co-Chairs and Associate Chair to formulate the annual budget for the Steering Committee, which will be presented to the Steering Committee for approval. The Treasurer authorizes expenditures and reports the status of the budget at the AMG Steer meetings, keeping track of income and expenditures following established procedures. The Treasurer may be called upon to participate in meetings concerning the finances of the AMG with the Chair/Co-Chairs and members of the administration.

Mentoring Coordinator

The Mentoring Coordinator(s) serve as an initial contact and a source of information to new members.

Archivist & Web Coordinator

The Web Coordinator maintains meeting schedules and general announcements on the AMG website and updates the website as needed. Archival duties include managing AMG meeting and resource documents on the AMG SharePoint site and manages access permissions.

OIT Representative(s)

Serves as the main point of contact to OIT for academic technology initiatives and serves on University OIT committees to represent academic managers. 

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator organizes charitable or volunteer opportunities for AMG members, including but not limited to an annual food drive around the holiday season.